El Paso Electric Donates $5,000 to the Teach Grant Program

Acknowledging outstanding educators

Las Cruces Public Schools Foundation is proud to support outstanding educators in the quest for excellence in our classrooms.  Through Teacher/Classroom Grants, the Foundation is encouraging educators to devise innovative and exciting educational programs for their students that enhance the learning environment and inspire students to greater achievement and success. Teachers, principals, school administrators, social workers, counselors, ancillary staff can apply for grants through an on-line portal in Fluid Review that benefit individual classrooms, or their entire school community.  Grants fall under many categories such as Agriculture/Horticulture, the Arts, Literacy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Student-centered technology and Educational Field Trips.  The Foundation has awarded more than $226,00 in teacher grants since the programs inception and is committed to continue pursuing additional funding to grow the program by 10% annually.


There are 2 types of grant applications:  Individual and Group. Educators may submit more than one application, but are only eligible to receive one award per school year either from an Individual or from a group grant – not both.  

·         Individual:  The maximum award is up to but not to exceed $1000.00.

·         Group:  The maximum award is up to but not to exceed $5000.00.  Group grants may encompass 3 or more people.


The timeline for the Teacher Grant process is as follows:

Grant application released:  Early August each school year

Grant application submitted deadline: Mid-late September each school year

Grant award announcement: October/November each school year

Grants funded are to be utilized by June of that awarded school year. 



2013-2017 Grant Information

_ 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
Grants Submitted 42 29 31 25
Dollars Requested $33,104 $81,860 $86,836 $70,125
# Teachers Submitting 42 72 96 66
# Grants Funded 35 10 8 15
Dollar Amount Funded $20,907 $28,282 $28,124 $34,439
# Teachers Funded 35 41 32 32
# Students Affected 1700+ 2050+ 2300+