El Paso Electric Donates $5,000 to the Teach Grant Program


Acknowledging outstanding educators

Las Cruces Public Schools Foundation is proud to support outstanding educators in the quest for excellence in our classrooms.  Through Teacher/Classroom Grants, the Foundation is encouraging educators to devise innovative and exciting educational programs for their students that enhance the learning environment and inspire students to greater achievement and success. Teachers, principals, school administrators, social workers, counselors, ancillary staff can apply for grants through an on-line portal in Fluid Review that benefit individual classrooms, or their entire school community.  Grants fall under many categories such as Agriculture/Horticulture, the Arts, Literacy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Student-centered technology and Educational Field Trips.  The Foundation has awarded more than $226,00 in teacher grants since the programs inception and is committed to continue pursuing additional funding to grow the program by 10% annually.


There are 2 types of grant applications:  Individual and Group. Educators may submit more than one application, but are only eligible to receive one award per school year either from an Individual or from a group grant – not both.

·         Individual:  The maximum award is up to but not to exceed $1000.00.

·         Group:  The maximum award is up to but not to exceed $5000.00.  Group grants may encompass 3 or more people.


The timeline for the Teacher Grant process is as follows:

Grant application released:  Early August each school year

Grant application submitted deadline: Mid-late September each school year

Grant award announcement: October/November each school year

Grants funded are to be utilized by June of that awarded school year.



2018-2019 Innovation Classroom Grant Awards

Again this year, we offered 2 types of Grants. Educators could apply for Individual grants for a maximum of $1000 or Group Grants for a maximum of $5000. As always, our goal is to encourage innovative projects that increase student achievement in the classroom.

This year we had 90 grant applications started – almost twice as many as last year, of those, 30 were completed and submitted – also a record, these represented over $59,000 requested, of the 30 grants submitted, 9 were awarded for a total of $30,279 in grants that will benefit 37 teachers and an estimated over 1900 students.


sound enhancement mayfield HS

Sound Enhancement from Mayfield High submitted by Rose Verlinde, Andrew Quinn, Derek Gilmour, Stephanie Wright & Melissa Munoz. The grant will be used to purchase HD-200 Harmony Directors program. This will give the students opportunities to critique and correct aspects visually, aurally, and cohesively as full ensembles and in small groups. These items will be used to challenge students to dig deeper into their musicality using multiple methods of teaching. Recipient of the El Paso Electric Grant and Awarded $5,000


JROTC STEM Initiative Mayfield HS

JROTC STEM Initiative from Mayfield High submitted by Val Bigger, Cornelio Valadez, Gary Stewart, Mark Mirabel, Mike Buchanan & Robert Rodriguez. The grant funds will be used to acquire National Rocketry Association (NAR), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) SeaPerch curricula to build, from inception to competition, vehicles that perform specific tasks in airspace, marine-space, near-outer space and cyberspace. Awarded $4,998


legacy garden cottage based industry

Legacy Garden & Cottage-based Industry from Las Cruces High submitted by Jacque Hair-Garner, Kristin Gustine, Sherri Nolan, Marilyn Sullivan & Brian Kord. The grant funds will be used to support Las Cruces High School classrooms (Environmental Science, Special Education Low Incidence, and Woodworking classes) to collaborare with community partners (Backyard Farms, Taylor Hood Farms and Magpie Innovations) to develop and sustain a neighborhood community garden that stocks local food pantries and Las Cruces elementary schools with organic, fresh produce. Awarded $4,991


todos a leer

Todos a Leer: A Home-School Partnership from Cesar Chavez Elementary submitted by Susana Rios, Ana Castillo-Cuellar & Lucy Garcia. The grant funding will be used to purchase bilingual books and zip-lock bags to do the project which links home to the community and the school in ways where K-2nd grade parents become active contributors of their child’s literacy growth, and teachers facilitate the process. The goal is to establish a partnership between parents, the community, and school to increase students’ comprehension/retelling skills. Awarded $4,943


fantastic fluency math club

Fantastic Fluency Math Club from Tombaugh Elementary: submitted by Bernadine Cotton, Laurie Maese, Kathy Brezina, Isabel Self, Melissa Hunt, Denise Gallegos, Bobbi Lynn Pacheco, Susan Leapley, Catherine Huber, Brook Chavez, Daisy Granados, Lorena Martinez & Laura Smith. The grant funding will be used to support The Fantastic Fluency math club that will have the goal of increasing teachers’ content knowledge about conceptual and procedural fluency at their grade levels and the grade levels on their team. The teachers will also study the professional literature provided by the grant to learn about classroom routines that could be used to support their students’ math fluency. AWARDED $4,700


computer science lego

Computer Science Logo WeDo from Mesa Middle: submitted by Charlene Ortega & Mike Dominguez. The grant funds will be used to purchase The Lego WeDo curriculum pack that would be used with the Computer Science classes. The materials would allow the students to utilize many different critical thinking skills and would allow them to learn Computer Science using a hands-on, real world perspective. Awarded $2,849


Claymation Lynn Middle

Claymation from Lynn Middle: submitted by Maria Perez. The grant funds will be used to purchase the necessary supplies needed in order for students to create their Claymation productions through higher level critical thinking skills and collaborative work. Awarded $986


Engaging English Learners Through Authentic Literature

Engaging English Language Learners in Reading Through Authentic Literature from Desert Hills Elementary: submitted by Jennifer Reyes-Islava. The grant funds will be used to provide the common core Spanish language arts curriculum for grades kinder to fifth grade with current chapter books and/or authentic literature needed for students whose instruction is in Spanish. The students need books in their native language to maintain their own cultural literacy while they work on their English Language Development. Awarded $902


Getting STEMmy With It

And last but not least, Getting STEMmy With It from Columbia Elementary: submitted by Laurel Cutting. The grant funds will be used to purchase Sphero SPRK+ robots. The small robot will increase and solidify the students’ mathematical skills through a variety of coding exercises. The SPRK+ is an affordable 21st century teaching and learning tool which can be used by all students K-5. Awarded $910