The Las Cruces Public Schools Foundation Board is seeking a part-time Executive Director

The Las Cruces Public Schools Foundation Board is seeking a part-time Executive Director

Primary duties include coordinating activities of the Foundation Board and working to support external funding projects that support the Board’s mission. The job description can be found on the Foundation’s website  or call (575) 527-5888 for additional information.

Requirement: Bachelor Degree preferred. Ideal candidate would have experience in the education field, administrative duties and fundraising. The ability to plan and organize large projects is required. This position will be filled as an Independent Contractor.

To apply submit a letter of interest, resume and three references to: P.O. Box 16214, Las Cruces, NM 88004 or email: The Foundation will begin reviewing applicants on June 7, 2019. The position will remain open until filled.

Click here to download this job description

Winners of Classroom Supplies Mini-Grant Program

Winners for November Classroom Supplies Mini-Grant are:

Applicant first name Applicant last name School: Date Selected
Nicole Alaniz Monte Vista Elementary 8/20/19
Santana Alejandrez Zia Middle School 8/20/19
Becky Au Sonoma Elementary 8/20/19
Kimberlee Axtell Onate High School 8/20/19
Alicia Barraza Mayfield High School 8/20/19
Connie Barrio Mesilla Park Elementary 8/20/19
Sarah Beltran Las Cruces High School 8/20/19
Tara Blanco Dona Ana 8/20/19
Kara Brockett Mesa Middle School 8/20/19
Trista Burch Onate High School 8/20/19
Julie Calkins Tombaugh Elementary 8/20/19
Laura Carrion Lynn Middle School 8/20/19
Ashley Cartwright East Picacho Elementary 8/20/19
Jesus Casillas East Picacho Elementary 8/20/19
Hilda Chappell Dona Ana Elementary 8/20/19
Tristem Dean Valley View 8/20/19
Veronica Dixon Sunrise Elementary 8/20/19
Falen Dunn East Picacho 8/20/19
Melisha Espinosa Lynn Middle School 8/20/19
Bobbie Gallegos Conlee Elementary 8/20/19
Amanda Garcia Hermosa Heights Elementary 8/20/19
Victoria Gier Fairacres Elementary 8/20/19
Cheri Hamilton Hillrise Elementary 8/20/19
Karen Hanson-Sharp Mayfield High 8/20/19
Christine Hendrix Conlee Elementary 8/20/19
Melissa Herrera Desert Hills Elementary 8/20/19
Anna Houdeshell Centennial 8/20/19
Danielle Jordan Sonoma Elementary 8/20/19
Connie Limon Onate High School 8/20/19
Michelle Miles Alameda Elementary 8/20/19
Rachel Montoya White Sands School 8/20/19
Emily Pacheco Sunrise Elementary 8/20/19
Katrina Parks Desert Hills 8/20/19
Maegan Parmley Monte Vista 8/20/19
Darby Sanchez East Picacho Elementary School 8/20/19
Ashleigh Sandoval Sonoma Elementary 8/20/19
Jackee Scarborough University Hills Elementary 8/20/19
Melissa Smith Sierra Middle School 8/20/19
Terry Tavarez Central Elementary 8/20/19
Victoria Ventura Central Elementary 8/20/19
Maureen Ziehl Elementary 8/20/19
Amy Brazil McArthur Elementary 9/18/19
Christine Dennis Zia 9/18/19
Amber Diego Valley View Elementary 9/18/19
Heather Doolittle Sierra Middle School 9/18/19
Kelly Ekstrom Vista Middle School 9/18/19
Amy Evans Centennial High School 9/18/19
Cory Fernandez University Hills 9/18/19
Victoria Frietze Onate High School 9/18/19
Jimmy Garcia Monte Vista 9/18/19
Adrian Gaytan Zia 9/18/19
Samuel Hernandez Tombaugh 9/18/19
William Hull Mayfield High School 9/18/19
Alice Jones White Sands 9/18/19
Amanda Krentz Columbia 9/18/19
Kyla Osborne Hermosa Heights Elementary 9/18/19
Gloria Prospero Hermosa Heights Elementary 9/18/19
Jane Ray Jornada 9/18/19
Amy Rydecki Highland 9/18/19
Ana Urias Acosta Onate High School 9/18/19
Beverly Whygles Las Cruces High 9/18/19
Julie Wojtko Arrowhead Park Early College High School 9/18/19
Emily Writer Camino Real Middle School 9/18/19
Megan Belch Centennial High School 10/15/19
Marisol Cuellar MacArthur Elementary 10/15/19
Angela Frausto Las Cruces High School 10/15/19
Jerriann Garcia Centennial High School 10/15/19
Richard Garcia White Sands Elementary 10/15/19
Angela Glasson Mesa Middle School 10/15/19
Autumn Haeker White Sands Middle School 10/15/19
Tina Hall Onate High School 10/15/19
Christine Harris Las Cruces High School 10/15/19
Patricia Lozano Lozano 10/15/19
Catarina Macias Arrowhead Park Early College High School 10/15/19
Caroline Marrufo University Hills Elementary 10/15/19
Alice Mirabal Dona Ana Elementary 10/15/19
Alexis Montoya Onate High School 10/15/19
Athena Ortega Sonoma Elementary 10/15/19
Elizabeth Ortega Centennial High School 10/15/19
Jennifer Pape Sierra Middle School 10/15/19
Cyndi Parra-Misquez East Picacho Elementary 10/15/19
Katrina Selberg Fairacres Elementary 10/15/19
Angela Silguero MacArthur Elementary 10/15/19
Amanda VanVeen Sierra Middle School 10/15/19
Nicole D Wood Las Cruces High School 10/15/19