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Las Cruces Public Schools Foundation is proud to support outstanding educators in the quest for excellence in our classrooms. 

Through Teacher/Classroom Grants, the Foundation is encouraging educators to devise innovative and exciting educational programs for their students that enhance the learning environment and inspire students to greater achievement and success.

Teachers, principals, school administrators, social workers, counselors, ancillary staff can apply for grants through an on-line portal in Fluid Review that benefit individual classrooms, or their entire school community.

Grants fall under many categories such as Agriculture/Horticulture, the Arts, Literacy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Student-centered technology and Educational Field Trips.

The Foundation has awarded more than $350,000 in teacher grants since the programs inception and is committed to continue pursuing additional funding to grow the program by 10% annually.

Thank you, El Paso Electric Company Community Outreach, for helping to support our Innovative Teaching Grant program.


Grant application released

July 1, 2022

Grant application submitted deadline

October 7, 2022

Grant award announcement

October 14, 2022

Grant funds utilized

By June of the awarded school year

Annabella Martinez
White Sands School
$815.77 for e-books to Engage students in the
virtual library to build their love of Reading
300 Students Impacted
John Bishop Markley
Organ Mountain High School
$499.99 to purchase a Hologram Projector to
increase Engagement in Social Studies Curriculum
50 Students Impacted
Susana Rios
Sunrise Elementary
$999.75 For Materials to support an After
School Reading Intervention Program for 3rd – 5th graders
.20 - 80 Students Impacted
Includes a Parental Involvement
Zen Zone
Rebecca Fuentes
Andrea Saenz
Corina Valdespino
Krysta Ruiz
Bethany Garling-Spychala

Sonoma Elementary
$553.64 to purchase Books for a Calming Place – Student Re-Focus Area
Amanda Krentz
Columbia Elementary
$994.36 for Raised Garden Beds & worm bins
Partnership with Centennial HS FFA Students
287 Students Impacted
Erin Jenkins
Lynn Middle School
$999.38 for Fabric and Sewing Notions Will create & Gift Stockings with
personal Hygiene Items to those in need
101 Students Impacted
The Calming Place
Karen Sivils, Maura Kochevar, Jana Strnadova, Sandy Apuan, Jenny Coe-Stacy, Hallie Shelton, Jennifer Schrock, Amanda Lambright, Andi Bundy
Valley View Elementary
$7903.94 for Materials, Tools and Sensory soothing Toys and ITEMS to
help medically fragile students who require full support
throughout the day decrease anxiety and Outbursts while increasing
focus and Self Regulation.
20+ Students Impacted


Applications are encouraged from all disciplines. However, science, literacy and mathematics are encouraged. Any LCPS educator that works with students on a daily basis may apply. This includes teachers of all disciplines, social workers, counselors, librarians, ancillary personnel, and administrators.

Grant Funds are approved for: Classroom/school projects, classroom materials, student-centered technology, and educational field trips.  

Grant funds will not be considered for professional development projects, salaries, stipends, printers, ink/toner, technology for staff, or educator travel expenses.

Individual or Groups
Can Apply

The maximum award is up to, but not to exceed,  $4,9999.  

  • Develop a rational
  • Align project with district goals and/or standards and measurable outcomes
  • Design a timeline for implementation
  • Create a detailed budget
  • Include a photo of applicant/s at time of submittal 

Keep in Mind

Innovation is key!  

Long term impact and students reached are also important elements.